We all see smiles as a curtain of white teeth framed by pink or red lips. For some, there is an excess of pink in the form of a lot of “gums” showing and the teeth look short. This happens frequently. This is not a big esthetic problem for everyone, but for others the short… Read more »

  I get questions all the time about what is the best material or technique for someone’s dental care. The answer,…”it depends.” One of the most simple analogies I can provide is this: If someone were to ask “What are the best tires I could buy?” That question does not begin to provide enough information… Read more »

Dr. Phillippe Freeman has always believed that the best dentistry is the least amount possible to achieve a resolution to the problem.  Dental crowns are one of the most invasive and aggressive procedures dentists perform on a human tooth.  In essence, the exterior of the tooth, which is the strongest part of the tooth, is… Read more »

The technology of CAD-CAM dentistry is quickly advancing in dentistry.  It’s exciting and it’s another way to offer patients alternatives to their dental care.  Although the attraction of this convenience may appeal to some, there is an unfortunate downside being seen from practices utilizing this technique.  Generally, patients are offered the service these machines provide… Read more »