Dental Crown Deschutes Dental CenterThe technology of CAD-CAM dentistry is quickly advancing in dentistry.  It’s exciting and it’s another way to offer patients alternatives to their dental care.  Although the attraction of this convenience may appeal to some, there is an unfortunate downside being seen from practices utilizing this technique.  Generally, patients are offered the service these machines provide in order to justify such overhead expenditure of purchasing such expensive technology.  What goes by the wayside is providing all the options available to patients.  There are different techniques and dental materials to choose from.  Patients should be educated what those choices are along with the pros and cons so the patient can decide what fits their priorities in life.  Do they want something more conservative?  Do they want something that may last longer or have less risk of breaking or failing?  Does that technique fit every scenario to correct dental problems?  There is no one answer to the question, “is there one technique that is best for every dental problem?”  The real answer to that question is, “it depends.”  What is left of the tooth being restored?  Is there enamel versus dentin available for bonding?  Does the patient grind their teeth?  How long does the patient want their dentistry to last?  Each patient with each individual dental problem must be assessed and given the opportunity to understand the strengths and shortcomings of all the options available for their unique problem rather than providing only one option.  

At Deschutes Dental Center we do offer the most modern technologies for your dentistry, such as the CAD-CAM technology that allows you to get a crown in one single visit, but we also provide you with choices for your particular dental problems and where applicable this technology can be used, but in some cases there may be a better choice and we will offer those choices to you and educate you to help you decide what fits your personal dental health care goals.