Dr Freeman ACDForcing Dr. Freeman to write about himself and his recent accomplishment this summer has proved futile, so he delegated the task to me. When Dr. Freeman graduated dental school his training did not end there. After interviewing him about his credentials and training record, there is no way to put down in writing what he has accomplished in the last 25 years. The short story is that he has gone above and beyond most of his peers and continues to do so in order to provide quality care for those who trust him to do so.

This summer he received a Master’s Certificate from the Academy of General Dentistry. The AGD is the governing body in dentistry that tracks and provides credentials for the continuing education for dentists. In order to obtain a Master’s Certificate, a dentist must first earn Fellowship status which requires 500 hours of approved continuing education in every aspect of dentistry and a rigorous board exam. After that, 1100 hours of approved hands-on training and continuing education is required to obtain the Master status.

This year, ninety-nine dentists across the globe earned the Master’s Certificate. Two were from Oregon. One from the Portland area and the other right here in Bend, Oregon. . . your dentist Dr. Freeman!!!

To say the least, it’s a prestigious award and one that is hard to earn. As his website and newsletter manager, as well as his patient, I can say you are in good hands with his level of training. At this time, he is the only practicing dentist in Central Oregon to have earned such an achievement. As I interviewed him he spoke of the continued training he is seeking next year. He does not seem to stop learning and we are all the better for it when it comes to our dental health! Congratulations Dr. Freeman!!

– J. Kingston, Newsletter Editor