Do you accept my insurance benefits?

Yes, we accept any and all insurance benefits.  Like most dentists, we are not on every HMO or PPO types of plans.  Our care is centered around each individual’s needs and NOT what the insurance companies prefer.  We will bill your insurance like any other office and assist you through that process during your care at Deschutes Dental Center.

NOTE: Dental Insurance for St. Charles Employees. Your administrators have signed you up with one of the best dental insurance policies through ODS. We look forward to helping you receive better coverage rates through ODS this year in our office!!


Do you have the modern technology that provides a crown in one appointment?

Yes, we do utilize that technology.  Where applicable, we will use it, but it does not work well for every dental situation.  The best analogy would be the following:  If someone asks “what is the best tire?”  You would need to know if you are looking for a tire for a bike, a truck, a motorcycle, a sports car AND how would you use those tires.  Would you use them on the track, the road, in the rain, in the snow or off road on the sand, or mud?   So, to say that technology is best suited for EVERY dental need would be inaccurate.  However, we believe in that technology and utilize it when it provides the outcome needed or desired for the situation at hand.  Otherwise, other options or materials may be a better choice.

What is the best dental material or technique?

The answer to that is, “it depends.”  Every situation is different.  Some materials have advantages over others depending on the circumstances and situation.  When in doubt, the least aggressive approach is always the best place to start.  Keep as much of your own teeth as possible.

Are dental implants a predictable option?

Dental implants are about the most predictable and successful treatment for missing teeth on the planet.  Granted, you need to work with professionals that are conscientious and skilled at utilizing this treatment option.  Ask questions or for references.  From a longevity aspect dental implants are a great investment.  They don’t get “cavaties” or need root canals and compared to the upkeep and replacement costs of a bridge you will spend less money over time maintaining a dental implant versus teeth that are tied together with a bridge and with less damage to the adjacent teeth.

Should tooth colored fillings be sensitive?

No.  Categorically, if this has happened to you in the past something went wrong with the technique or materials when such a filling was placed.  If the teeth were not sensitive before the filling and suddenly were after the tooth colored filling was placed, something didn’t go as planned.  The most common symptom of this is pain to chewing on that filling.  Unfortunately, the only way to resolve this is to remove the filling and replace it.