gummysmileWe all see smiles as a curtain of white teeth framed by pink or red lips. For some, there is an excess of pink in the form of a lot of “gums” showing and the teeth look short. This happens frequently. This is not a big esthetic problem for everyone, but for others the short teeth and extra pink showing in their smile is noticeable enough to be a concern.

This is one of my favorite esthetic problems to resolve. The problem arises when our teeth don’t fully erupt out of the gum tissue. The tooth is all there, it’s just hiding under the gums. When this is the problem, there is a simple gum surgery with little to no post-surgical discomfort which exposes the tooth structure that was meant to be shown in your smile. In fact, other than in one case, all of our patients reported needing only a couple of advil in the first 24 hours and required no prescription pain relief. The transformation of a person’s smile by simply showing more white tooth structure and reducing the amount of pink gums where teeth should be is simply incredible. It’s a procedure even my own daughter required and is safe and simply restoring what nature intended to display.

If you would like more information or a complimentary consult to see if your smile could benefit from this procedure, please contact my team to schedule an easy assessment and time for you to have any questions answered about your concerns.