“If a person’s eyes are the windows to their soul, a person’s smile is the window to their spirit.”

It is from this quote that Dr. Freeman has based a philosophy that every individual possesses a unique canvas to create or recreate a beautiful and healthy smile. With regards to cosmetic dentistry, every face and every smile presents with different esthetic attributes, so every smile should be unique and beautiful within the individual parameters of each person.

Everyone has different bone structure, lip shapes, age and gender, to name only a few items that should be considered when designing someone’s smile. One of the most overlooked attributes is the functional component of a person’s smile and in order to create a healthy, long lasting smile every aspect of a person’s bite, TMJ position and muscle movements must be taken into consideration.

In many cases, most of our clients come to us due to wear, grinding habits or damage from inappropriate function of their current bite. In order to provide that truly individual and natural looking smile, much more than just a person’s teeth must be taken into consideration. There is no one formula that matches every person’s needs to create a naturally beautiful and confident smile. Everyone is unique.

Cosmetic Dentistry

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