Long ago I decided I wanted to provide a more complex and full approach to dental health care, not just “drill and fill” one tooth at a time. While the majority of people require simple dentistry needs, there are a few who are at risk of losing all of their teeth or have irreversible damage that requires a “full mouth” approach. This can mean many things and involve a few of the disciplines of the dental profession or all of them.

In a short explanation, a full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation usually involves advanced training in orthognathic dentistry, which involves how to reconstruct the human bite not only with teeth, but must take into account facial muscles and muscles of mastication along with the “TMJ” complex as well as airway and esthetic issues.  A degree from any dental school in the United States falls short of this kind of training.

For me personally, these cases are entertaining due to all the planning and diagnostic activity. The final result is not only an esthetic improvement for those who are able to seek out this kind of treatment, but they get to keep most or all of their teeth and are able to function normally versus losing their teeth only to face either more expensive options or dentures.

Depending on the needs of the case, they can take anywhere from a few months all the way up to 3 years if orthodontic treatment or surgeries are required. There are no short cuts and for the amount of investment in time and finances, this type of treatment should be performed by someone with training and experience in this facet of dental care. It’s not just about the “cosmetic” approach to dentistry, there is much more to it and it’s a result that should be designed for a lifetime.

I began on this path and commitment of full mouth rehabilitation in 1993 and have enjoyed the opportunities I have been blessed with and the specialists I work with to improve people’s lives. It’s hard to avoid the things I’ve learned when I look at all of my patients, even those who never need any dental care. It’s all part of the journey and I’m happy to be on this one with my highly skilled team, my referring specialists and surgeons across the state and those of you that have trusted me with such a large responsibility. I look forward to continuing to provide such services throughout my career.