Dr. Freeman became passionate about implant dentistry in the early 90’s. Since then he has pursued continued education and advancement of his knowledge and skills in this successful arena of dentistry. Dental implants are one of the most successful health care treatments on the planet. Proper design and restoration allow this type of dental care to be as permanent as natural teeth. Dr. Freeman prides himself on knowing his own personal boundaries and when to utilize trained specialists such as an oral surgeon or a periodontist to assist with his cases. It is the team approach of the most qualified professionals taking on each part of your dental implant care to the highest standard that can allow for a lifetime of use.

Dr. Freeman designs and restores single tooth implants, esthetic or cosmetic implant cases, implant bridges and dentures or prosthetics supported by dental implants. Dr. Freeman was elected as an active member in 1997 by prosthodontists and surgeon specialists of the implant specialty organization the Academy of Osseointegration that commits to the research and development of dental implant use.


If you are wondering if you are a dental implant candidate, please feel free to contact Dr. Freeman’s team to schedule a complimentary consult to discuss dental implants.